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Lazzie T Chapo Message To Mambo Dhuterere Imbomira Kuparidza MaSleyi Kwini Arikuuya

Outspoken music producer, Lazarus Chapo also known as Lazzie T in entertainment circles has a response to the message which Mambo Dhuterere posted. Lazzie T  posted a video in which he asks Mambo Dhuterere his age and that he has only been in the music industry for 10 seconds to wait preaching about mababy.

Lazzie T goes on to explain that  life in the music industy is very different from singing in the church choir. Lazzie tells Mambo Dhuterere that he will run into some very beautiful and tempting women known as slay queens at his shows. "Its a good thing to bring your wife to your shows but life remumabhawa is tough. Lazzie T Chapo tells Mambo that he is still young and does not really understand life if he is under 40 years old. Like the old saying goes life begins at 40. Mambo Dhuterere is still a young man so should hold off his message until he has lived a little.

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Outspoken music producer, Lazarus Chapo also known as Lazzie T in entertainment circles, has called for the immediate resignation of the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA) board saying it has dismally failed its mandate.

Lazzie T made the call after the musicians’ board summoned him to a disciplinary hearing on December 5 to answer questions over a recorded video circulating on social media where the producer was lamenting the board. The board claimed his sentiments on the video brought Zimura’s name into disrepute.

Lazzie T has, however, challenged Zimura’s summons saying it was a attempt to intimidate and silence musicians from speaking out their minds. “I am a member of Zimura who last received his royalties in 2013. I then started questioning the board’s decision to raise registration fees when they are not paying musicians anything.

“They are just trying to intimidate me, but I know my rights and I won’t stop speaking up where there is injustice,” he said. The producer said Zimura board is composed of ageing people, who are not in touch with the realities of the industry.

“Board members are paid hefty salaries every month yet musicians are not getting anything. The problem is the board is filled with old people who are not even researching on new ways to better the rights of the membership. “It should be dissolved and pave way for new blood, otherwise the organization will soon die down,” said Lazzie T.

He promised to go and face his foes come December 5.
In their summon letter dated November 20 and prepared by Zimura’s deputy director, Henry Makombe, the organisation said it would pass a default judgment if he fails to attend.
“Please note that if you do not attend the committee will sit and pass judgment in your absence,” reads the letter.


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