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23 Aug, 2018 | Posted By: staff reporter
Let Make Mukoma Masimba Popular Again Part1

Mukoma Masimba Mukoma Masimba It pains many Zimbabweans on Social Media as they watch Mukoma Masimba do things for loves and likes. At one point he was so desparate he took off his pants and exposed himself on Mandla's Lounge.

I have followed Mukoma Masimba's facebook journey from the Keda days where he was a main character. Keda would be on vacation and give Mukoma Masimba keys to the kingdom.

I'm not sure if Mukoma Masimba hungers for that fame again, that he has done sad things which have resulted in him getting banned from almost every group.
-Pahushamwari Hwedu
-Mandla's Lounge Reloaded

Zimbolivenews has posted articles to help Mukoma Masimba's popularity and he has gained a following. Mukoma Masimba claims he will never block anyone, He has blocked Zimbolivenews reporter Gemma Revis becoz she challenged him for proof when he claimed sha was some Nash character. Mukoma Masimba had no proof and got angry and blocked her. 
Zimbolivenews will pray for Mukoma Masimba to find Strength and Resolve since he was humiliated on a facebook live below he has never recovered.


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