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20 Jan, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Levels Breaks His Silence On Enzo Ishall Leaving Chillspot

After almost a week of silence from the Chillspot camp Levels has finally broken his silence on the Enzo Ishall Devorce from Chillspot. Levels joined deemornant on his Instagram live and shared his thoughts.

Levels told Deemornant that everything was good between himself Chillspot and that he was happy for Enzo Ishall moving on as Chillspot is like an academy. Levels stated that dancehall giants like Soul Jah love & seh calaz had all started from Chillspot records and Enzo was just part of growth and next wave or artists graduating from  Chillspot. 
 Level also talked about how he is working on Enzo Ishalls new Album and that he is happy for Enzo.


Levels also explains the situation with Passion Java how he is helping ghetto yutes and Zimbabwe and is a great Prophet. Level thanks Passion Java for helping Chillspot and many people and is happy to be working with him.

Passion Java posted a video were he called out Teemak for stealing their artist and that there maybe legal issues. This is a developing story which we will keep following and update everyone.


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