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Linda Musarira Ndakaramba Two Million USD From America Mari Yeropa

Linda Masarira makes stunning allegations against US Embassy: I turned down US$2M blood money. Masarira has sensationally claimed that she was offered a massive US$2 million as well as a Greencard (Permanent Residency in the USA) by the Americans just so that she could demonize the ruling Zanu-PF party and the country. Opposition politician Linda Masarira has made stunning allegations against the United States Embassy in Harare.

Masarira who is self-proclaimed patriot claimed that she dismissed the offer because she loves her country and does not was to see it dragged through the mud. This was revealed in leaked audio which was released online by publication ZimEye. In the audio Masarira says,

Thank you for your input and I want to respond to you in regards to your input. You should also understand that I have been a regular visitor to the American embassy and there are a lot of things that I know which a lot of Zimbabweans do not know…. I was imprisoned for insulting the office of the President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe and I was arrested once again after the march in Mufakose which I was not involved in.

When I was released eight, nine days later, the people paying my bills were the Americans. I had several meetings and interviews with them, they wanted to give me 2 million they wanted to get me to America, give me a green card, and take me on tours to European countries so that I demonize my country but I am not that person.

I am not that person I love my country more than anything else. I could have gone anywhere I wanted, in 2016 after I came out of prison but I chose to serve my country. I am not mad. We cannot survive on the mercy of America or Europe or Britain, we are Zimbabweans first before we have something else. We all have a duty and a responsibility to protect our sovereignty, and that is what is lacking in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe thinks that America or Europe or UK is going to save us. No. No one is going to save us.

The solutions to the crisis at hand we have in Zimbabwe lies within Zimbabweans lies with us understanding who we are as a people. Live with us understanding that we are Zimbabweans we are Africans and that we have got vast mineral resources that we should exploit to the benefit of the people of Zimbabwe. But as long as we think that white imperialists are our saviours we are not bringing any justice to ourselves.

I don’t subscribe to that ideology. We need to redefine who we are as a people and the chart and chart the way how we are going to do that. LEAD as a political party is not going to beg for funds to operate from America, UK, EU or whatever, we are going to use our subscriptions we’re going to use the business unit to make our own money.

We have to decide on the course of action that we are going to do and as much as I am appreciative of your concerns we will never be a colony of any western imperialist or eastern imperialist.


Linda Masarira was originally a spokesperson for the Thokozani Khupe breakaway MDC-T party. However, she was fired for bringing the party into disrepute after she was pictured wearing Zanu-PF regalia and drinking opaque beer.



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