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Linda Rose Waidanana Na Tytan Ndosaka Ndisina Murume Ndosaka Ndaida Kukumamisa

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26 Nov, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 3 minutes

Linda Rose Waidanana Na Tytan Ndosaka Ndisina Murume Ndosaka Ndaida Kukumamisa

Looks like there is a new twist in the Turkeygate Keeping Up With Real Holiday Pals. Looks like the real reason Olinda Chapel left the casting of the show was because she had a long grudge against Linda Rose. Olinda Chapel believes that Linda Rose cheated with  Tytan while they were still married and she is the reason she and tytan divorced.

From infomation we have gathered the first day Olinda arrived in Turkey , Linda Rose is the one who paid for everyones meal including Olinda Chapels. It was on the second day that Olinda attacked Linda Rose and accused her of cheating with Tytan. Apparently Linda Rose had been in Tytans DM messages so Olinda has a long suspicions that something had happened between Tytan and Linda.

On how Olinda Chapel got to Turkey it's been confirmed that Tickets and hotel accommodation was paid for by Faith Domingo Nechironga and her travel agency. The arrangement was that Olinda Chapel had found out that Aunty Jenny & Uncle Ged were going to be on Keeping Up With Real Holiday Pals so Olinda called Faith and asked if she could come to Turkey and be part of the filming. From Our sources (In Gambakwe voice) Olinda Chapel was having a tough time since she had attended court hearings dealing with custody and her divorce from Tytan. To releave some stress Olinda Chapel contacted Faith and arangements were made for her to fly to Turkey.

As part of the agreement Olinda Told Faith Domingo that she did not have money to fly so Faith paid for everything which included a one way ticket. Olinda would be paid for filming and a ticket would be bought for her on her finishing filming. After the drama occured Olinda felt issolated and all the cast members had turned against her . So without notice and during the middle of the night she disappeared without telling Faith Domingo Nechironga. We are not sure if Olinda told Aunty Jenny or Uncle Ged that she was leaving. But occording to our sources Uncle Ged & Aunty Jenny are still in Turkey and are filming.

If this was Big Brother Olinda Chapel would of been the first person evicted from the house. Olinda Chapel did a live today in which she told her side of the story. Olinda claims that the whole Turkey trip and filming of the reality show was a trap and something that was ment to attack her character and she felt it was not the right environment for her and her baby.

Realated Story Olinda Chapel Turkeygate

Olinda has broken her silence on the drama that happened in Turkey. Olinda claims she was setup by Faith Domingo Nechironga. Olinda shows proof that she was not on the reality show and that Fith Donmingo tried to sether up by inviting people that did not get along with her to cause drama. Olinda claims that the whole show or filming was going to be based on her after Olinda figured what was going on she defendd herself and left the show. Olinda claims she will expose everyone and everything that happened.

Olinda Chapel involved in a heat-up confrontation in Turkey . Olinda Chapel who quit social media recently was back on Facebook today to confirm that she flew into a rage and confronted one of the social media administrators who had been tormenting her.
She said that when she realised that the keyboard warrior was in front of her, a red mist descended and she was ready for a fistfight. But Olinda said she was held back by her friends who told her that fighting was unbecoming of her. She joked that she was only itching for a fight because she knew her friends would hold her back.

Olinda said she was in Turkey for a holiday with her daughter and friends and was not involved in any reality show. She also denied that she was angling for a love affair with one Ashford. She said she was into musicians and not social media administrators. Rumours started when she was seen flirting with Ashford.

Olinda was asked if was romantically involved with a bar owner in the UK. She said she could neither deny or confirm the rumour.


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