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Lorraine Guyo Asks Chamvary For Forgiveness

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04 Mar, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 3 minutes

Lorraine Guyo Asks Chamvary For Forgiveness

Lorraine Guyo is correcting her wrongs of not being able to pay people who provided service for her birthday party. One of the people who was not paid in full was Chamvary of PowerFM. Chamvary had posted on her social media demanding her balance of $20.

When Lorraine Guyo's fans heard about the situation Lorraine was they sent money to her which she has used to pay everyone. From Lorraine Guyo Posts is appears as if Passion Java was the one who organized the birthday bash. Since Lorraine says the party was organised by Passion Events. 

Lorraine Guyo posted the Following the story that has been circulating on social media, over a delay in payment for Master of Ceremony services provided by my sister Chamvary on my birthday event organised by Passion Events, I would like to express my sincere apologies for the inconvenience to Chamvary. Yes, there was a delay in payment on the day, but i would like to confirm that the payment was settled on the very next day. Nonetheless, I appreciate her support. Thank you Chamvary.

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Social media personality Lorraine Guyo of the “Ndinyengeiwo” fame has found herself under fire over unpaid debts after her vaunted birthday party flopped.

The actress hired the Rainbow Towers Hotel (former Sheraton Hotel), and not the HICC  as claimed elsewhere, for her birthday celebrations. Fans and followers of Lorraine were reportedly supposed to pay US$3 for ordinary seats and  US$10 for VIP seats, to gain admittance into the birthday celebrations.

Unfortunately, for Lorraine, she may have overestimated her popularity. Despite a huge following on social media which results in thousands of views, likes and comments on her skits, not many people were willing to pay to be at her party. It also did not help matters, that the party was taking place on a Sunday, a day when most want to relax before heading back to work and hustling on a Monday.

Due to the poor attendance, Lorraine Guyo did not collect as much as she thought she would and this resulted in her failing to pay for some of the services she had hired.

One of the people that Lorraine failed to pay off is popular radio personality, DJ Chamvary who had been hired to be the MC at the event. Chamvary was not impressed after Lorraine failed to settle her obligations as agreed and took to social media to blast the young actress. Chamvary said that Lorraine should not be a hypocrite and should settle her debts like she promised.
Ndaakuozo zvitaura pano manje!!! ( I will wash your dirty laundry in public if you don’t fix this)

Honour your promise to pay!!!! In full !!!!
Iwe pawakazviitwa wakachema pano. Ukaita kuti uyo aseke nenyika. Manje ini urikuda kundiita iyoyo. Kwete! NO MHANI!!!
Fellow social media personality and comedienne Mai TT also revealed that Lorraine Guyo is drowning in debt as she is failing to pay off MCs and performers who entertained people at the event.  Mai TT even went on to say that she is not Lorraine’s mother and that people should stop calling her over the debts.

Mai TT who recently had a tiff with Lorraine counselled the young performer to stay grounded and to only do things that she can afford. However, Mai TT  could not resist taking potshots at Lorraine and mocked her saying that even though the party was for her 21st birthday, she is actually 26 in reality.

iHarare’s efforts to get in touch with Lorraine Guyo were unsuccessful at the time of writing.


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