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29 Aug, 2018 | Posted By: staff reporter
Love, Honor & Tribute Melly Mamoyo

Melly Mamoyo, Zimbolivenews team wants you to know we love and respect you. Social Media can be used for good and there is lots of hate, which is unfortunate. Melly Mamoyo has become a force to recon with in the Zimbabwean Social Media circles Zimbolivenews wants to show its respect and pay tribute to Mellys hard work.

The beautiful and strong oppinaionated Melly Mamoyo is behind the success of a number of Facebook groups, which include.
- mvenge mvenge #ezomgidho
-fashion police yemadzimai
Tens of thousands of Zimbabwean turn to these groups for entertainment daily, people would rather be on mvenge mvenge #ezomgidho than watch television. For a woman to be behind such success is wonderful and amazing. Melly Mamoyo is a wife and a mother and works full time yet she shares herself with tens of thousands of Zimbabweans to Entatain us. Melly Mamoyo is not paid to provide entertainment for everyone she does it because she has love and passion in her heart.
Social Media can be used for good and bad, most people would rather watch train wrecks than a happy couple at the park because it is most fun. People like love stories but love married couples fighting, it is just more entertaining. We get both types of stories on groups Melly Mamoyo runs when they help the needy or do donations they dont get as many likes as a story about leaked V11's. Melly and her team do a lot of charity work and we thank her for that.
Zimbolivenews and its staff of four reporters would like to take this time and tell Melly Mamoyo and her hard working admins thank you for the hard work you do to entertain tens of thousands of zimbabweans daily. We may argue and write negative stories at times but we appreciate your work. Thank you



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