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21 Dec, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Madam Boss & Mai TT Top Zimbabwean Female Entertainers Of All Time

Madam Boss & Mai TT The Best Female Celebrities In Zimbabwe History 

Madam Boss & Mai TT have taken the world of entertainment by storm over the last few years.  Zimbabwean entertainment has always been dominated by male celebrities like Mukadota , Parafini , Mutirowafanza and so one.

Over the last few years we have seen celebrities like Madam Boss , Mai TT , Gonyeti & Maggie taking charge and controlling entertainment and marketing brands. A few years ago it would be male characters who would spearhead such events and scenes. What Madam Boss and Mai TT are doing has changed the playing ground and more companies now look at female celebrities to be their brand ambassadors. 

With the success that come from Madam Boss and Mai TT new celebrities like Lorraine Guyo are on the rise and getting endorsements to be brand ambassadors.

The only time female celebrities were recognized was when they played wife’s of main actors like Amai Sorobhi , Amai Rwizi,  Amai Pheneas. With lout the main male actors these ladies would not make it or be successful alone but with Madam Boss and Mai TT leading the way women actors and celebrities can now be on top and lead the way . With celebrities like Pokello and Jackie Ngarande also leading the way In fashion and business women are shaping the way Zimbabwe moves forward 

It has not been an easy road for both Madam Boss and Mai TT  as they had to break through walls to reach where there are now. When Madam Boss started she was just doing skits on Facebook she did not have any acting training and at one point she asked Mukoma Masimba to manage her . Her husband Mhofela had no marketing or management skills but through hard work and dedication they learned about Facebook marketing , script writing and Youtube marketing which has brought them to the stage they are now.

Mai TT started her career in a similar manner she actually opened Facebook as way to release her stress. She had no idea how to open a Facebook page and with the help of a stranger at chicken slice she opened her Facebook page Mai TT Dairies. With no manager she also approached Mukoma Masimba who gave her advice . Through hard work and a don’t give up attitude Mai TT has become a living  in the Zimbabwean entertainment field 


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