Madam Boss In Near Death As ‘Hired Hit-Men’ Launch Night Attack


30 May, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Madam Boss In Near Death As ‘Hired Hit-Men’ Launch Night Attack

enterprenuer Madama Boss (real name, Tyra Chikocho) escaped death by a whisker after unknown assailants attacked the a car she was seated in before speeding off.

The attack comes as she and rival comedienne Mai Titi (real name Felistas Edwards Murata) have been locked in a nasty social media war with threats and counter-threats flying all over.

“I am still traumatized after last night (Monday)’s drama at my house on my way from town,” she said.

“It all happened in a flash and I don’t know how I survived along with my friend’s Meme (Mercy Gumbo) and Tsitsi Kachembere who were in the car.

“I was being chauffeured by Mercy Gumbo who happens to be a co-tenant at a complex we are renting.

“Mercy was about to drop me off at home after our business meeting around 8 pm when the assailants pounced on us.

“What really traumatized me is that it all happened when I was about to open my gate.

This comes in the wake of a new cold war with rival Mai Titi which has taken social media by storm.

Also speaking to the publication Mai Titi accused Madam Boss of staging the Monday night drama so as to gain sympathy from the public.

“I had to actually sent her a message that I was coming when I arrived, they told me she had gone to China and I left.

“As for the attack, she faked it and I know that for sure. I’m one person who doesn’t want violence and I don’t think I could have done that to her.

“One thing you should know is that Tyra Chikocho is a liar and she is actually the one stalking me using ghost accounts on social media.”

Zimbolivenews reported yesterday that the fallout between the two had gone to a whole new crazy level after Mai Titi physically went to Madam Boss’s home to confront her.

She also claims she is paying US$500 for anyone who will give her a video in which Madam Boss is alleged to be enjoying casual sex with someone who is not her husband.


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