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Celeb News

16 Jul, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Madam Boss Kudenha Mai TT For Social Media Blue Tick

Mai TT just announced the all her social media accounts were now verified and she posted photos of the accounts. Many of her fans were happy for her on this accomplishment. It did not take long for Madam Boss to troll her  for bragging about having her accounts verified. Mai TT  posted the following.


"Happy to announce to you that all my accounts have been Verified with blu ticks. You just don't get Verified you apply and they check if your posts are worth verification. Meaning more money lol thank you Zuckerberg. Tapindawo mucircle remablue tiki. Meow meow"

Madam Boss who has had a long battle for Chimuti with Mai TT did not tate long to fire back at her rival by trolling her and drawing a blue tick on her social media account. she posted the following.

Breaking news...Finally we just scooped blue tiks on Instagram and Facebook. 

Madam Boss is likely to get her accounts verified soon as she cant let Mai TT win in anything as these two have competed for years for chimuti


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