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01 Sep, 2020 | Posted By:
Madam Boss Kutya Kurwa Hondo Dzavo Uses Her Following To Attack A Fan Akavagumbura

Madam Boss was attacked in the comment section by a fan who commented about her bleaching and  fake hair. Instead of dealiong with the fan one on one and fighting her own battle , Madam Boss used her over half a million followers to attack a gentleman who had made comments she did not like. The name of the fan who Madam Boss fans attacked is named Dennymus Temba.

Dennymus Temba Posted the following comment which drove madam boss angry to send her followers to attack him 

"Mai ava ndo vari pa denial pa skin color vachi bleacher skin and deny her hair putting brazilian etc, its mental Health challenges just saying"

Mamam Boss then posted the following on her facebook page to have the guy attacked by her fans.