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19 Feb, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Madam Boss Listened To Queen Tatelicious Advice Vakupfeka Semukadzi Wemunhu

Looks like madam Boss has listened to the advice she got from Queen Tatelicious about dressing like a married woman. Queen Tatelicious made a video in which she advised Madam Boss to start dressing semukadzi wemunhu.

Queen Tatelicious told Madam Boss that her dressing and action affect her husband Mhofela who is naturally a quit and reserved man “boys dzinotoseka Mhofela with your actions “ said Queen Tatelicious. “Amwene mai vaNgoni vanonyeiwa kuChina I know they don’t say much becoz varikudya Mari you are making advices the Queen. 

Madam Boss promoting Lifestyle Centre Furniture and was dressed professionally and not in clothes that are revealing.



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