Madam Boss Ndazobuda BhoBho Ne Drama Nyowani Hollywood Ndosvika


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Madam Boss Ndazobuda BhoBho Ne Drama Nyowani Hollywood Ndosvika

COMEDIENNE Madam Boss reckons she will soon penetrate the international scene and broaden her audience.The comedienne, who is working on the premiere of her first drama titled Dudzai, said it was all systems go for the event slated for December 6 at Golden Conifer Functions in Strathaven. There will be a live streaming of the event on Madam Boss Facebook page
“The main purpose of the drama series is that we want to expand.

“We want to broaden our audience because not everyone has access to social media so as long people have a television set they will be able to watch the drama.

“This is going to boast our brand and the drama will be aired on national TV.

“We also going to make a deal with television broadcasters like Zambezi magic, we want people from outside to recognize Zimbabwean talent,” she said.

Madam Boss’ manager Ngoni Munetsiwa said the drama will feature celebrities like Andy Muridzo and Jesesi Mungoshi.
“The drama series will feature some of the biggest celebrities in Zimbabwe.
“We are expecting corporates to come and support us as well as making their brands grow as the series will be live on Madam Boss Facebook page.

“Nothing has changed the drama is a compilation of the skits on Facebook and Madam Boss will still be Dudzai in the drama,” said Munetsiwa.

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SOCIALITE and comedienne Madam Boss has dismissed prophet Passion Java’s claims that he gave her a car for showing up at his church.
Prophet Java appeared in a live interview with Carole Nyakudya on Facebook Page, “Zimbabwe Social Media News” saying he got Madam Boss a car.
“Ndakataengera Vanonzi Madam Boss mota. Ndakangopinda muchurch ndichibva ndarohwa nehana ndichivaona, ndandajaira kuvaona pamavideo paYouTube apo ne apo.

“So, I was giving ma elders angu aka server ministry for long  and ari loyal saka ndakatengera about four people mota then I bought my mom a house saka ndakatengera vanhu mota four saka dzakabva dzapera. “Ndakangofungidzira Madam Boss havaite izvi ndobva ndavati mukuda ndikuitirei vakati ndikuda motokari ndobva ndatovati endai ku car sale yedu uko kuHarare ndobva vatoenda ndobva vadzoka. “Motikari haasi masimbi asi motikari munhu anayo, ndikangorova decision yekuti uyu ngaiite mota atonayo,” said Prophet Java in the video.

A picture of Madam Boss  has since been circulating when she appears in a Mercedes Benz holding car keys whilst on the driver’s seat.However, Madam Boss’s husband Ngoni Munetsiwa who happens to be the comedienne’s manager said Passion did not buy her a car.

“I am the one who bought the car sometime last year and what’s circulating online is a lie, people are just fabricating stories.“We will not make any statement refuting the malicious claims because it will be a waste of time, we have a lot of things to do which are better than making statements“With social media you will get tired of making statements,” said Munetsiwa.
It remains to be seen whether the Prophet told a lie or Madam Boss is the one hiding the truth.


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