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03 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Madam Boss Pandinotukwa I Get More Endorsement ClapBack To Tatelicious & Mai TT

Madam Boss is one to respond verbally to insults she gets on Facebook or social media. One thing she is good at is clapping back. Madam Boss was blasted by Mai TT for influencing Lorraine Guyo to do skits and attack her.

Mai TT did not call out Madam Boss by her name but from thier past history everyone knew who she was talking about.  Madam Boss was also under attack from social media after news came out that she knew of Tytans HIV status but did not tell Olinda Chapel what she knew. Madam Boss was actually a bridesmaid at Olinda & Tytan wedding.

Queen Tatelicious also posteda video where she was blasing madam boss for influencing Lorraine Guyo to make wrong business moves by sleeping around with married man. 
Madam Boss has always said each time she is blasted on social media she gets a new endorsement. With all the hating  she gets it is a blessing. Madam Boss has had issues with Mai TT after she exposed the madam boss was sleping arounf on her husband. Madam Boss has had an on and off freindship with queen Tatelicious.
Madam Boss is one of the top celebrities in Zimbabwe and as the one with the most endorsements and publicity she says she hardly responds and lets her results do her talking 


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