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08 Nov, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Madam Boss Responds With Finhu Finhu Makandiseka Kutengerwa Motor

Madam Boss is clapping back at everyone who made mocking comments and made fun of her over the news passion Java bought her a car.

Madam kept it a secret that Passion Java bought her a car and made it look like her husband Mhofela had bought the car as a birthday  present. When Passion Java told the whole world that he had bought Madam Boss the car she was forced to admit he actually had bought the car for her. 

As a sign to shut up all the people making fun of the situation Madam Boss posted photos of herself holding a brick of US Dollars to prove to people ehe has money or simply Finhu Finhu kusvotesa vavengi. The 
situation has beeing embarrassing to Madam Boss & Mhofela so Finhu Finhu was a smart way to quiet all the haters. 




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