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Celeb News

03 May, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Madam Boss Tells Mai TT Mugoti Unopihwa Anyerere

Looks like the social media streets are heatinh up as Zimbabwes two most popular celebrities Madam Boss & Mai TT are at each others throats. Mai TT is accused of exposing Madam Boss and Mhofela marriage secrets.

Mai TT did a live in which people are accusing her of exposing Madam Boss & Mhofelas marriage. Mai TT claims she got an anonymous call from a man who claimed his wife was the one who worked and made all decisions in the house.

Mai TT also claimed the husband was stranded as he did not work and depends on the wife’s income . The wife sleeps with men that hire her and the husband does nothing because he knows without her he is lost. Many people who watched the live began tell Mai TT that she was talking about Madam Boss 

Madam Boss hardly responds to Mai TT directly but using her social media posts to clap back Madam Boss posted the following on Instagram 


Madam Boss also posted about people who are jelous

Mai TT posted a message that seems to be directed at Madam Boss.


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