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10 Sep, 2018 | Posted By: staff reporter
MadDog Mukoma Masimba Orders Tatelicious To Refund $250s

In a stunning chain of events, Mukoma Masimba has now made himself the lawyer of Tatelicious clients who she is helping try to move to Sweden. Tatelicious has been working with a number if Zimbabweans to get them Visa so so they can move to Sweden. From what Tetelicious has posted in the past, she is working on helping these people and it is a process that takes time and patience.

Mukoma Masimba claims 11 individuals who want their refunds from Tatelicious have contacted him. Mukoma Masimba acting as a lwayer is promising these individuals refunds from Tatelicious. Mukoma Masimba is someone that will do anything to get fame and stay relevant. He has exposed himself on Facebook lives for fame and now he is banking on a fight with Tatelicious because he knows if she engages him he will be popular like Baba Bonzo who he admires and envy’s.

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