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14 Dec, 2018 | Posted By: staff reporter
Madhiri a Edith Chibhamu, Nox ,Mukoma Gift na Elikem Exposed

Pauline Ndabambi Muzenda who posted on her facebook page that Edith Chibhamu owed her $10 000 and was refusing to pay her. Has come out exposing a crime syndicate involving Edith Chibhamu, Nox ,Mukoma Gift  & Elikem. 

We cannot verify her claims but she recently did a live on MvengeMvenge wilth Melly Mamoyo. you can watch the live on the video below. If Nox , Elikem or Mukoma Gift dont have anything to do with Ediths Scams they can address thier statements to Melly Mamoyo CEO & Founder of MvengeMvenge via Facebook. People are concerned about the kids that are in Ediths care. Paulune and Edith are grown women but since the kids have being brought to Melly's Attention as a mother she wants to make sure these kids are safe. Thank you Melly for caring 

These are screenshots of a post Pualine Claims Edith posted aimed at her.


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