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Mafukachuma Taking Over Social Media

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14 Aug, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Mafukachuma Taking Over Social Media

Chitungwiza bred comedian Darius “Makukachuma” Grey has taken social media by storm with his insulting humor over totems using Snap-chat application.

H-Metro Entertainment reporter Tatenda Kajekere (TK) had an interview with Mafukachuma (M).

TK: Tell us a brief background about yourself?

M: I was born and raised in Chitungwiza.

My parents died when I was young and we moved to Mhondoro where I was raised by my aunt together with my two other siblings.

I went to Mberi Primary, St Saviours High School and Rio Tinto High.

I did an Honors degree in Theatre Arts at UZ. Currently, I am in South Africa.

I am also a Latin and Ballroom dance instructor.

TK: What’s your real name?

M: Darius Billy Grey.

TK: How old are you?

M: 29.

TK: Are you married, if so does your partner support your work?

M: I am Single.

TK: Describe your work as a comedian?

M: My work is more of insulting comedy, insulting people based on their totems but it’s mostly humour.

TK: How did you start your journey?

M: I started this comedy when I came across one of the filters on my snap chat.

I liked the way it changed my face and my voice.

Then, I recorded the first video insulting vana Chihera mukombi.

I posted it on my whatsapp status and everyone enjoyed the video, then

on my Facebook before they went viral.
TK: Who were your first fans?

M: My first fans were my WhatsApp contacts, then my Facebook friends, and then from there it was a lot of people asking for more.

TK: Is this an inborn talent or you it came about later?

M: it is inborn

TK: When did you start social media comedy?

M: I started social media comedy on June 11th 2019.

TK: Do you have a fan page?

M: Yes I do.

TK: What is the name?

M: It’s called Darrius Billy@Mafukachuma.

TK: What do you enjoy doing for past time?

M: My hobbies are Dancing, Reading, Travelling, and …

TK: Do you have any favorite sport?

TK: Who is your role model?

M: Taraji P Henson.

TK: Do. You have any support system>

M: I get support from my family especially, sister in England, My best friend in Canada. And some of my friends and fans. Their support keeps me driven and wanting to do the best that I can.

TK: What do u love talking about on your fan page?

M: I love talking about issues that happen in our day to day lives, marriages, Personalities, Characters, and cultural beliefs Also the character I play is called Mafukachuma…an 73 year old lady…who went to SA selling madhoiri…she is fussy, smart, and likes to gossip, Has children in the Diaspora.

TK: the response from the fans, is it overwhelming?

M: Yes it’s overwhelming less criticisms.

TK: Do you have another job besides Comedy?

M: Yes I have another job which is my real job, is a Latin and ballroom dance instructor in Pretoria

TK: Thank you for your time Mafukachuma.

M: You’re welcome!


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