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01 Sep, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Magaya Rape Stories About Me Are Motivated By Money

FOUNDER of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries, Walter Magaya, says the several rape allegations levelled against him were fuelled by extortionists seeking to milk him of his money.

The allegations have since attracted the attention of the Zimbabwe Gender Commission, which is investigating the issues.

Said Magaya on the issue: “There is not truth in all those allegations,” Magaya has said. “If ever there was any truth in that, I would have gone public and apologised. Most of these allegations were motivated by the issue of money more than anything else. 

“I pray the Commission will extract the truth during their probe. And since the word gender refers to both men and women, I anticipate that my rights as a Zimbabwean will also be protected.”

He refuted allegations that he had already bribed the investigators, saying he does not even know them in person or how many they are.

“I do not know them, so there is no way I would bribe them, If anything, I am always at my church praying. I do not think they are so unprofessional to be bribed. I actually think they are very professional and will dig into the matter and set the truth out.”

Magaya has been hit by a spate of sexual harassment allegations, with the victims threatening to drag him to courts. 

In some cases, the victims claimed they tried making police reports, but the records would vanish mysteriously before justice got served.


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