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25 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Mai TT & Madam Boss Provide Laughter & Entertainment To Zimbabweans On Lockdown Because Of COVID-19 With Social Media Lives

Mai TT aka Murandakadzi is playing her part in helping millions of Zimbabweans who are are in lockdowns because of COVID-19 by doing daily Facebook and Instagram lives which are entertaining to Zimbabweans and keeping them occupied. Most Zimbabweans hardly watch the local Television and the shows are boring and outdated. Social Media has become a huge part of entertainment for Zimbabweans both home and in Diaspora

Mai TT who is also on lock down in the UK because of COVID-19 has made it her goal to entertain her fans and thousands on people on social media by doinf lives which bring joy and laugter to many. Mai TT is doing a good thing and other Zimbabwean Celebrities should try to do the same. 

Madam Boss is another comedian who has done Facebook and Instagram Lives telling Zimbabweans about COVID-19 and to stay safe. Madam Boss has also done lives to Entertain her fans and many Zimbabweans talking about different topics, these lives are fun and distract many people who are stuck and bored with nothing to do as they are stuck inside thier homes for days.

Celebrities like Anna Chibaby Honde are also playing their part with lives to inform and entertain thousands of Zimbabweans

Mai TT & Madam Boss thank you and we hope many other celebrities follow your example


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