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31 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Mai TT Asks Her Fan To Stop Kuwundura Zizoe Pamyk

Mai TT is asking her fans to stop attacking her former lover Zizoe each time he posts on social media. Mai TT posted the following.

My beautiful fans I'm kindly asking you not to attack this upcoming artist Zizoe Pamyk every time he posts something on his page. I heard mamuwundura because of his post yaaisa pakati pehusiku achiti new bae.  Guys let him be deep down he knows who got him to have 20.000 followers from 50 followers. 
It's just pride but he knows if it wasn't for me he would be known kubocha chete.
I played my role and God will reward him , I have decided to become the bigger person and stop fighting with a person who is not even a quarter of my level. 
He can never fight me and win it's just kicks of a dying Horse.
I know my fans you are still Angry but let's move on see were God is taking me.
Iye anotoitira mashows ake kumapurazi chete but I am going to Nollywood, America, Australia. 
Ndopamunoona mvura diki nehombe.

Leave him my dearest fans he is not WORTH THE ATTENTION. 


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