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04 Aug, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Mai TT Breaks Her Silence Declares ZimbabweanLivesMatter

Mai TT has broken her long silence and is speaking out agains the injustice and brutality by the Mnangagwa government. Mai TT joins a long list of Celebrities who are breaking thier silence and making their thoughts heard about the conditions in Zimbabwe. 

Madam Boss posted on her social media platforms the hashtag #zimbabweanlivesmatter

"I am not a Politician and I'm not a person of Violence. Reasons why I have seen how dirty politics can be and I don't want to be involved in because I fear for my life and my children s life , but what I know and what I can't change is I'm a Zimbabwean who loves her country with all my heart and it breaks me to see the suffering of people, the straying of children, that's why you see I'm so much into charity works it's because my heart bleeds, the dying of people in hospitals because of lack ok medication. Widows and Opharns with noone to attend to.
A lot of people being jobless and homeless, frustrated with situations.
I see all that and all I do is pray that God intervenes and change the situation. I am not in the right shoes of fighting anyone but I can only voice out like everyone and say .Please hear our cries, help us ,save us, free us we are family ,we are one .
Understand us, we mean no harm but just a listening ear. And I encourage everyone to do so in peace as I have been saying before . And by the way I'm not on Twitter some people were asking why I'm not seeing what's trending on Twitter yesterday unfortunately I'm not on Twitter.


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