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Mai TT Coming Back Home To Zimbabwe

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17 Jun, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Mai TT Coming Back Home To Zimbabwe

After month in the UK Mai TT is coming back home to Zimbabwe. Mai TT left for the UK in March with her Fiancee Zizoe Pamyk. The couple broke up soon after they arrived in the UK. The coronavirus pandemic started around the same time and Mai TT has been stuck in the UK since.
Mai TT has shared her journey  in the UK with hundreds of thousands of her fans who have laughed , cried and cheered her on during her journey.

Mai TT has been staying with her cousing Rose who has become a celebrity herself, for the love and support she has shown to Mai TT during her UK stay. Mai TT & Rose posted a farewell video which was very emmotional and had many people crying as these two ladies said farewell to each other.

The good news is that Mai TT will be back in the UK in six months for business which will give fans an opportunity to see Rose again. Over the last few months Zimbabweans have gotten to see a side of Mai TT that is sweet , loving strong and honest. Mai TT is a Zimbabwean icon loved by so many  people, during her stay in the UK Mai TT made so many connections and did music collaborations with so many artists.

When Mai TT returns to Zimbabwe she will be staying at a private Quarentine hotel and not at the public teachers domitories many people have had to stay.  Mai TT's kids will surelly be happy to see their mom back home after months.

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Comedienne Felistas Murata, popularly known as Mai TT, says she will only return back to Zimbabwe from the United Kingdom “when the quarantine is over. Mai TT who came to the UK in March, with her then younger lover Zizoe Pamyk says “I am only returning when the quarantine is over because I do not want to risk my life and that of my children.”

She said England is taking serious health precautionary measures to curb the spreading of Covid-19 and that will take her more days before she returns to Zimbabwe. Last week she decided to bottle her feelings into a reggae song, with UK based singer Kazz Khalif, effectively telling her former lover Zizoe Pamyk “I’m Letting You Go”.
“Let him go song is a direct response to Zizoe who seduced me with a hidden intention to market his songs while wasting my time,” said Mai TT. “I am moving on with my life and besides marriage God blessed me with gifts that cannot be stolen by anyone and singing gives me hope and strength.
“God opened a door for me to meet international musician like Kazz and the song is now trending in England that I see myself reaching far by forgetting the past,” said Mai TT


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