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Mai TT Not Impressed By Zizoe Pamyk Perfomance Posts Gonzo Rabheuka Photo

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27 Jun, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 5 minutes

Mai TT Not Impressed By Zizoe Pamyk Perfomance Posts Gonzo Rabheuka Photo

Mai TT was not impressed by her ex lovers performance at the Twabam Gara Mumba Iwe UK concert. If her message to Gaffa Passion Java & Zizoe Pamyk Mai TT posted a Gonzo Rabheuka photo. If you are a KAZEN you know the message behind the photo. Mai TT is basically throwing shade at Prophet Passion Java & Zizoe for the show.

Zizoe must of hit a nerve in Mai TT when he took time on his performance and thanked Tyra twice and since Madam Boss is Mai TT number one enemy Mai TT was going to clap back. The image posted soon after the show of a toy car with rats next to it is a statement, The statement is the its not year of Gonzo but gore re kiti and Kiti will knock down gonzo.

Mai TT  & Passion Java have been fighting for the last weeks over donations which were made to Marabha. Some statements were made and the two have been battling back and forth. Knowing the Gaffa Passion Java this beef is not over he will have something to say to Mai TT. Mudiwa Hood who gre up with Passion Java and is close friends with Mai TT tried to play peace maker betwwen the 2 but failed and things got worse when Mai TT recorded private conversations betwwen the three and exposed them on social media.

Madam Boss who never fights on social media and will hardly respond to Mai TT has not said a word. Mabam Boss is know as the queen of clapback and will use a photo or a comment to fight back has been silent and not responded to the thank you message from Zizoe Pamyk.

Zizoe Pamyk Thanks Madam Boss For Her Request To Have Him Perform At Gara Mumba Iwe UK
Zizoe Pamyk showed his appreciation and respect for Madam Boss after he thanked her for her support . Zizoe after his first song took time to thank Madam Boss for her request to Passion Java which made him be on the Show. Gara Mumba Iwe is Zizoe Pamyks biggest show he has ever performed live. Below is the video of Zizoe thanking Madam Boss.

Mai TT Responds To Passion Java Having Zizoe Pamyk Headline Gara Mumba Iwe UK

Mai TT is someone who pours her heart out when she feels she is under attack, her recent beef with Gaffa Passion Java took a suprising twist when Passion Java announced that Zizoe would be healining Gara Mumba Iwe UK this weekend. If Mai TT was a boxer she would be a counter puncher  someone that does not attack first but will wait for an attack and then hit back.When Passion Java announce that Zizioe would headline the Gara Mumba Iwe UK EVENT on several vidoes he made Mai TT responded quickly and direct commenting on passion java post. See her responds below.

Mai TT also posted on her facebook page a very cryptic message but its easy to tell she is referring to Passion Java. her message is below.
"Once upon a time was Lucifer the most handsome angel in heaven that time. He was a musician God s favorite. He never lacked because God FAVOURED him until oneday he looked at himself on the mirror and said Woooow, I'm too handsome and I have everything and I'm loved by even my Creator. I'm even better than God so I guese I can take over the Kingdom and rule.
Lucifer began to influence other angels who were foolish enough to follow him because they thought he will provide for them.
When God found out that Lucifer was planning his downfall in his own Kingdom he was angry.
He threw Lucifer to the earth then the War began. Lucifer became very bitter he decided to revenge God by turning souls against him.
He manipulated many who started to follow him, He knows that ENDTIME IS NEAR and got no place in the Kingdom so he keeps recruiting souls , He lives amongst us and comes like a sheep but deep down he is a WOLF.
The story has not yet ended but one way or the other be careful not to DROWN ALONG WITH LUCIFER.
The Street Prophetess."

Mai TT & Passion Java have been fighting for about a week now after Mai TT got mad over comments Passion Java made on an interview with Carol Nyakudya on ZimboliveTV facebook. The comments involve donations made to Marabha.

Mai TT is responding to Tyra about requesting Zizoe to be a performer at the next Chabvondoka PaUK online concert. As most of Mai TT fans know she is the Queen of clap back. Mai TT responded by saying Tyra  “Ndiye adii Regai atestewo ndezvekungosirana zvinhuzvacho. Mai TT is saying  it’s ok Tyra can have a test of Zizoe I had him she can have her turn.  Both comments are clapbacks in hiding these women will throw shade at each other in hiding. 

Tyra Asks For Zizoe Pamyk To Perform On Chabvondoka PaUK
Chabvondoka PaUK was a successful show and the artists did a great job on its premiere show. The host Olinda Chapel was amazing as she used her Beaty and charm to keep viewers entertained. DJ young Chidz was amazing from start to end his performance just made him one of the top DJ in Zimbabwe. Chabvondoka PaUK showcases Zimbabwean artists based in the UK.  Chabvondoka PaUK is following the Garamumba Iwe series which is the brain child of Prophet Passion Java. 
Tyra who has hosted Garamumba Iwe posted in the comment section asking for Zizoe Pamyk to be on the next show of Chabvondoka PaUK. Tyra is Zimbabwe’s biggest celebrity and her commenting about Zizoe Pamyk Maybe a sore topic for Mai TT who is Zizoe Pamyks Ex and also best friends with Tyra.

Tyra & Mai TT have a love hate relationship due to the fact they are both top celebrities and usually complete for the same Jobs.  Zizoe PaMyk is now based in the UK there is tension and history between him and Mai TT after they separated. Mai TT claims that Zizoe and his family used her celebrity status to help him get a Visa so he could move to the UK.


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