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28 May, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Mai TT Writes Letter To Ex Lover Zizoe Pamyk

Zizoe PaMyk.
Im the last person you would like to hear from but i just want you to know that after all i said and done not your enemy in anyway.
I did what i can to make you relevant because i have been doing that for so many Artists without any problem or issue behind.
It has always been my gift to uplift others thats why a lot of people approach me because im not a jelous person and were i see talent i try by all means to uplift it .
You have a great talent that noone can take away from and it took you so many years to be relavant until you aproached me n i fought with my all to make sure your gift spreads beyond borders.
One thing led to another and we became personal me thinking it was reall ,you thinking it's nothing . Maybe you thought that was a way of making me to keep marketing you but i could still do it without attaching feelings to it just like i did to other Artists.
I feel so ashamed that i agreed to it and went through hell for it and you still did not stand by me when the world attacked me yet you know the truth deep inside you. You pretended as if i was just a mad person but deep down you know the truth. Im not looking for anything from you , an apology i never got but its still ok.
Im not God even us we sin everyday but god still loves us. I dont wish anything bad to you and i know you will go far without me but what im proud of is i helped you in your journey and guese were you put me that's were i was supposed to end.
Everything happens for a reason and getting to know you was also for a reason and lessons.
We shared our good times and i embraced the painful times but it is a part of life.
I dont hate you and i will never be in your way to stop you from progressing.
I thank you for everything at the end of the day i also benefitted despite the pain.
I descovered more and met new people and collaborated with others , if u had not done that to me i dont think i would have done so.
I wish you the very best in your life wether in Europe or in Africa i remain a top fan from a distance.
Thank you and God bless you.
Taura usafire mumoyo remains the best song that you sang to me .

Vavhurei mboni is now out im happy too because when you recorded it i was there kustudio kwaOskid.
Well done.


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