Celeb News

Celeb News

06 Jul, 2018 | Posted By: Zimbolive

Mandla Calvin Gumbo aka Baba Bonzo creator of Mandla's Lounge Reloaded has taken over the Zimbabwean Social Media community. Mandla has take over from whre Keda TVleft off. Mandla's Lounge Reloaded hosts facebook lives during the week on Friday nights Mandla goes live and anything can happen on the shows.  He will always his trusted bottle of Jameson . Mandla's lives are so popular that they will have 800+ viewers watching.
What makes Mandla's Lounge Reloaded so popular is that is has Zimbabeans from Australia, UK, Ireland, USA, SA, Canada and Zimbabwe.
Mandla is based in Indiana, USA where he is a popular DJ at local clubs and hosts different shows.

Mandla has been been featured in diffent publicans around africa. Mandlas pupolarity has had him invited to Canada, UK, SA and Ireland to host parties ans weddings. Mandla has been on stage with artists like Zodwa and Mafikizolo from South Africa.
The future looks great for Mandla .If you want to see mandla in action you can watch him live every friday night when he does his facebook live on  Mandla's Lounge Reloaded.


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