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Marabha Thanks Passion Java & Mahwindo For The Support & Buying Him A Bed

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22 Jun, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Marabha Thanks Passion Java & Mahwindo For The Support & Buying Him A Bed

Marabha thanks Passion Java & Mahwindo for buying him a bed and helping him during his illness.  Marabha posted a video in which he thanks Passion Java for buying him a bed. This video comes out after DJ shugeta announces that Kapfupi was no longer working with Marabha.

The timing of this video is very strange since Marabha does not address his separation from shugeta and Kapfupi. 

DJ Sugeta just announced that  Kapfupi & Marabha will no longer be working together.  Sugetas announcement comes after the team had spent weeks helping Marabha recover from his illness.

The reason Kapfupi and Marabha are going separate ways is because people have been accusing us of stealing money donated to help Marabha. Sugeta blames music promoter Mahwindo for causing the team to separate. Mahwindo is accused of doing Facebook lives bad mouthing Sugeta & Kapfupi about eating donations for Marabha. 

Sugeta said Kapfupi was very emotional about the whole situation and was asked by Kapfupi’s wife to make the separation announcement. Sugeta  offered Mahwindo to start taking care of Marabha since she has accused him of stealing. This is a developing story we will update up when more information is available.

Comedian-cum-musician Freddy “Kapfupi” Manjalima is unhappy with the way his long-time colleague Charles “Marabha” Mirisi is being abused on social media platforms over his poor health.

This comes as a number of people had lied about helping the ailing comedian on social media after Kapfupi’s group openly appealed for help to save an ill Marabha.

Speaking through his manager Sam Manjalima, Kapfupi said bogus people have taken advantage of Marabha’s popularity to score personal goals.

“We have appealed for help on social media. We are glad people from all walks of life responded positively but there are some people who are lying on social media, claiming they have helped the ailing artist through donations.

“The noise about the donations on social media is not tallying with what is actually on the ground. Some have just pledged but nothing has really materialised,” Manjalima said.

Marabha’s health deteriorated four years ago after he was allegedly struck by a brick on the head after a scuffle over royalties from their acting CDs.

His health has got worse recently which saw the Manjalimas launching a social media campaign to fund-raise for his medication and general up-keep.

“He is now better. When we re-united with him a month ago that is when we realised he was unwell and needs medical attention. That is when we appealed for help on social media. However, only two people (well-wishers) have managed to fulfil their promises as of now. The majority are just pledges and lies,” Manjalima said.

Meanwhile, Kapfupi has lost fellow comedian Justice “Machisa” Mushoran’anga who passed away in Mhangura on Monday following a long illness.

Kapfupi worked with Machisa on a number of music and comedy projects.

“It is a blow to the group and it’s hard to come to terms with the loss. He was part of the family. He was one of the most dedicated members of the group,” Manjalima said.


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