Mashoko Makukutu Mai Chisamba Say Do Not Trust Anyone


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Mashoko Makukutu Mai Chisamba Say Do Not Trust Anyone

MAI Chisamba reckons its high time people stop trusting people following a surge in Covid-19 cases.

The shrewd talkshow host and marriage counsellor said the new infections were being caused by negligence and having a lot of trust and faith in people we normally hang around with on daily basis.

She said caution should become a staple at workplaces, homes and streets to curb the spread of the lethal virus.

Added to that, Mai Chisamba – real name Rebecca Chisamba – said people need to change their lifestyles as well as behaviour to ensure that we save life.

Taking life for granted and being reckless, according to Mai Chisamba, will only bring more pain and misery as well as threatening humanity’s existence.

As of yesterday, 81 deaths had been recorded from 4221 cases which tested positive with 1238 recoveries.

With more cases set to be recorded this week, Mai Chisamba reckons people should trust nobody
“The main problem we have at the moment is people trust each other and nyaya yekungojairirana ngaipere because we don’t know where our peers go or pass through after work,” she said.
The multi-award winning speaker said reckless has also caused the spike in new infections.

“Like I said earlier on, the workplace has become a nursery for new Covid-19 cases since people tend to trust their fellow after years of working together.

“When you work together for w while, you tend to take each other for family but at the moment we are in desperate time.

“Of course we were raised in a society where we need to show each other some love but our life is at risk due to the coronavirus.
“Right now when you are talking to a workmate, superior or subordinate, make sure that you always put on your face mask and use the sanitisers all the time.

“It’s better for your workmate to hurt your or dislike you for minimising the way you used to interact before since it’s now risk doing so,” she said.

The eloquent speaker has also expressed her concern over people who are politicising Covid-19.

“This disease knows no political affiliation or orientation since it is claiming lives across the political divide.

“On that note, I would like to urge political players to shelve their differences and help the people who are exposed to the disease.

“In fact, we are all exposed to the Covid-19 pandemic and I therefore urge political people to lead by example and save our people,” she said.

As a role model who has been dealing with families, she added:
“Such trying times like the Covid-19 era calls for us to respect life and help others in need to ensure they are safe from the disease.”
She also lashed out at people who cashing out on the pandemic.

“We have had numerous cases of people who are making a killing by manufacturing sub-standard sanitisers and inflating PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at time when the world is reeling from the pandemic.

“By inflating the PPEs, we are only doing harm to ourselves because we will be further exposing ourselves to the diseases.

“As for those who are manufacturing fake sanitisers, we are simply putting people’s lives at risk at a time we need to save lives,” she said.

Mai Chisamba also expressed her dismay over people who are taking wearing of masks for granted.
“People should always put on their face masks as stipulated by health experts, a scenario most people are taking for granted.

“It now appears that most people are wearing face masks so that they evade police arrest.

“If you are wearing the face mask to ensure that you won’t get arrest, you are only doing a lot of harm to yourself, family and peers.

“We need to take some of these precautions seriously because we risk losing our peers as the global pandemic worsens,” she said.

Despite massive job losses and life, Mai Chisamba said the Covid-19 pandemic has opened their minds.

“I have learnt that in life that there are some tasks which can be performed by a few people and still get the desired results.
“In my case, I no longer need to book studios where hordes of people used to come for talk shows as we are now minimizing the number by hiring experts.

“Of course we still miss those big crowds but the situation does not permit us to operate the same way we used to do before the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have now realised that there is need to work with the few people and still come up with a good show, something that we had never thought of before.

“It’s just a phase but we have learnt new things like maintaining hygiene all the time.”

She however assured Zimbabweans and millions of her followers that the Covid-19 era shall come to pass.

“We still have faith in God that chero kukadoka kuchaedza chete. It’s just a phase that we are in as the world and God is really on control.

“We also need to leave everything to God so that He takes care of the world people.

“It’s a pandemic which has affected the whole world and we remain hopeful that the era shall come to pass and the cure will be found.

“However, we need to be responsible citizens to ensure that the disease does not wipe humanity.”


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