Mashura Mukadzi Arikuhura Introduces Chikomba To Husband As Church Elder


19 Jun, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 1 minutes

Mashura Mukadzi Arikuhura Introduces Chikomba To Husband As Church Elder

A Plumtree man was left devasted, after he caught his wife locked in the arms of another man.

To his shock, it was the same man she had initially introduced to him as her church elder.
Njabulo Mpala who hails from Dingumuzi suburb, is reportedly said to have uttered that he would never trust a woman again after busting his ex wife, Semkelwe Ncube romancing her lover identified as Tshuma, in their bedroom. 

Mpala, who works as an informal trader got a tip off from a neighbor, that Tshuma who was always visiting Ncube, especially in his absence had just sneaked into their house.

Mpala quickly returned home and found Ncube and Tshuma, cuddling on their matrimonial bed.

The very same man who had been introduced as the church elder.

A furious Mpala then bashed Ncube, and Tshuma saw it as an opportune time to escape, before he got under fire.

According to an eyewitness who spoke to Bmetro, Ncube has since deserted their matrimonial house, after being so overwhelmed with the guilt of cheating on her husband.
“MaNcube (Semkelwe) deserted their matrimonial home after her husband caught her with her lover on their matrimonial bed.

“It was disheartening that the lover was someone who was known to Mpala and was always coming to their house after Semkelwe introduced him to her husband as her church elder,”

The devastated Mpala was not entertaining a lot of questions, he simply said

“Of course I feel bad, but I can’t change what’s gone on”.

Ncube, however didn’t show any remorse for her actions. She said it was revenge on Mpala who had been fooling around with another woman behind her back.


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