Melly Mamoyo Touched By An Angel


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Melly Mamoyo Touched By An Angel

If you grew up in the 90's in Zimbabwe there was a show that was very popular called Touched By An Angel featuring Della Reese.This show was about angels who helped people that were facing difficulties. It turns out Zimbabwe has in own version of Touched by an Angel and her name is Melly Mamoyo. Yes We are talking about MvengeMvenge's founder and Admin. We appriciate you Melly.

Zimbolivenews has done some research on Melly Mamoyo and found some great things about this beautiful woman. Over the last few years Melly Momoyo has partnered with many organizationsand to help the needy. Whats so wonderful is that Melly Momoyo had done these things because she has a heart of an Angel.

Projects By Melly Mamoyo
-Helped provide sanitary pads to women and young girls
-Helped provide shelter & clothers for children
-Helped with meals for the homeless
-Helped provide school supplies for needy children

Zimbolivenews has published news condemning some of the events on mvengemvenge where users are banned or abused. Those news articles are something we will continue to report when they occur. When we get reports of how good people like Melly Mamoyo are doing we will report them. Zimbabweans can be proud that they are blessed to be touched by their own Angel Melly Mamoyo.

Keep doing the lords word.

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