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13 May, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Melly Mamoyo Zimbabwes Top Social Media Influencer

Melly Mamoyo is one of the most influencial Zimbabwean personalities when it come to Social Media. Melly is the brains behind Zimbabweas most popular Facebook groups MvengeMvenge Ezomgigo Grup. She is also the mastermind behind Fashion Police Yevarume , Fashion Police Yevakadzi & Fashion Police. These groups are a source of entertainment and a place where tens of thousands of Zimbabweans socialize daily.

Zimbolivenews had the opportunity to do a Q&A with this great social media influencer so people can get to know her better.

Zimbolivenews:Who is Melly Mamoyo?
Melly Mamoyo:Melly Mamoyo is just a lady FRM D location of Gweru.

Zimbolivenews:Where were you born and where did you grow up?
Melly Mamoyo:I was born en raised in Gweru

Zimbolivenews:Where did you go for your Primary Education?
Melly Mamoyo:I did my primary education at Chikumbiro primary school in Gweru

Zimbolivenews:When did you move to Diaspora?
Melly Mamoyo:I moved to diaspora in 2007

Zimbolivenews:What do you do for a living?
Melly Mamoyo:I'm a hustler that's wat I do for a living

Zimbolivenews:Whats your Passion?
Melly Mamoyo:My passion is cooking & working out going to the gym

Zimbolivenews:What make you so popular on social media?
Melly Mamoyo:Well I'm not sure wat makes me popular on social media mayb the pple  I interact wth on social media can answer to that

Zimbolivenews:What Do you think About Social Media?
Melly Mamoyo:Social media is interesting en it's a platform for socializing bt I think pple are taking it too serious en personal

Zimbolivenews:What advise  would you give to the youth especially young girls in Zimbabwe?
Melly Mamoyo:Well to d youth en young girls in Zimbabwe I can say to them don't b in an competition wth anyone. Be yrself en don't do things under peer pressure becz yu will end up involved in things that cn destroy yr lives for ever

Zimbolivenews:Whats something you would love all your fans to know about you?
Melly Mamoyo:To all my fans (that if I have any) I'm someone very kindhearted en I love jokes. I don't take things to heart en I speak my mind there en then, I cnt keep grudges.

Zimbolivenews:Are you Married, Dating or Single?
Melly Mamoyo:I'm married

Zimbolivenews:Does SIZE matter? 
Melly Mamoyo:Wat size?? Shoe size or what be specific 🤣🤣♥️♥️

Zimbolivenews:Whats your favorate Song ?
Melly Mamoyo:My favorite song is Chando chemugweru by Matavire

Zimbolivenews:If you could go on a Date with a male Zimbabwean Celebrity who would it be?
Melly Mamoyo:I would go wth Chamisa Chete Chete

Zimbolivenews:Who is your favorate Zim Female Celeb?
Melly Mamoyo:My favourite Zim celeb is Mai Chisamba

Zimbolivenews:What do you think about Zimdancehall?
Zim dance hall is meaningless en nonsense.No sense in that music.


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