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03 Dec, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Mhandu Irikuda Kuparadza Madam Boss Na Passion Java Mary Fungai Moyo

Mhandu Irikuda Kuparadza Madam Boss Na Passion Java Zimbolivenews journalists have been doing some  forensic investigations to trace the source of the person behind the fake news on the alleged relationship between Madam Boss & Gaffa Passion Java.

The source of the story is coming from a website called this website is behind this fake story. This website was registered on November 18 2019 so its a new news website. The person or people behind this website are professionals they registered the website using private registration so that we cannot find their identity. What we know for a fact is that the site belongs to a Zimbabwean because the person posting articles is using an alias name called Mary Fungai Moyo which is a Zimbabwean name. Posts on the website are below which are targeted at Passion Java and Madam Boss.

Another Story By Mary Fungai Moyo

We did some research and there are no know reporters on other newspaper sites using this name of Mary Fungai Moyo. Journalists usually freelance and can right for multiple  news sites. We even did a writing style comparison and we were not able to come up with a match. Looking at the website and other news posted on this website all are about American news but the two articles targeted at Madam Boss and Passion Java. Most likely this site was created at Target these two individuals. A little background about how Madam Boss and Passion Java story started is that Passion Java bought Madam Boss a car. This story went viral but no harm was done. Also during his trip to Africa a few jelous people were mad at Passion Java for statements  he made and his fancy lifestyle. Many preachers and Prophets made negative comments about him. There was also the incident with Prophet Shepard Bushiri in which Passion Java made a prophecy that Bushiri would die in December 2019. This prophecy Angered many of Prophet Bushiris followers.

Prophet Bushiri himself made a sermon where he accused Prophet Passion Java of being an attention seeker and fake. Many Zimbabweans know that Prophet Bushiri employs a man named Maynard Manyowa a former Zimbabwean reporter who is his spokesman and does marketing for Bushiri. Maynard Manyowa has a background in owning many online newspapers websites before working with Bushiri. Reports have come out that Maynard Manyowa does some black hat marketing and social engineering hacking. Could this website ghostbusternews be retaliation from Prophet Bushiri about the prophecy of him dying .

Looking at Madam Boss side it’s no secret that Madam Boss and Mai TT have a friend-enemy relationship. The two ladies have so much history when is comes to their fights. Last year was so bad that Madam Boss threatened to Sue Mai TT after she accused her of making money nemusana. But realistically Mai TT is not someone who creates websites or used ghost accounts to attack someone. Mai TT will come directly if she has something to say. Maybe the fact that Madam Boss has become such a huge super star and making money and traveling the world, has made someone in her inner circle jelous and trying to bring her down. Another fact is that who ever is behind this  story and ghostbusternews  has a personal issue with either Passion Java or Madam Boss . The fact that they put so much effort into this make it personal and not just a random act.In Shona there is a saying that goes  Rinamanyanga Hariputirwe, meaning you cannot wrap horns they will stick out. Who ever is behind this attack will come out and be exposed. Remember Passion Java is a man of God he may get a prophecy of the individual or individuals behind this attack.

Zimbolivenews will keep a close eye on this story and update you as we get more information from our sources in both Madam Boss and Passion Java camp. We have tried to contact and have not received a response yet from them on where they got thei news and text screenshots from.


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