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08 Dec, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Mhepo Dzeku Turkey Follow Kefliwe & Olinda To Uk Mumwe Atukwa

Looks like whatever happened in Turkey during the filming of Keeping Up With Real Holiday Pals did not stay in Turkey. Mhepo dzacho has followed Ashford in Africa and looks like mhepo yacho has now followed Olinda and Kefliwa to UK. Kefliwe who was a cast member on Keeping Up With Real Holiday Pals. Posted on Facebook in Mandlas Lounge where she is an admin. "Hezvo Inga wakati hatina basa wani chaaaiii, wakuiteyi nevanhu vepalounge" After she posted this message it was not hard to figure out who she was talking about.

Our reporters noticed that Musendo Musendo had posted a photo with Olinda Chapel and that Kefliwa had commented telling Musendo  "Musendo You are officially my enemy. she was refering to the fact that Musendo was friends with Olinda she was now her emeny too. 

Whatever happened in turkey has followed many of the cast members home and its not been good for the producer of Keeping Up With Real Holiday Pals. Ashford posted he would exposte Matuzvi of a reality show.This is also a developing story as we are not sure why the always happy and fun loving Kefliwe is so mad at Olinda Chapel. Tracking the events of this whole Turkeygate there are many Victims and Olinda Chapel is a victim as she was setup to be used for drama. This was exposed by Mudiwa Lyon Cookies who confirmed she was also invited to Turkey but could not attend due to a medical issue. Its no secret that Olinda and Cookie dont like each other and dont mix so for Faith not to tell either of these ladies that they would both be in Turkey was a setup.

We has come to Learn that Linda Rose was a victim of some romantic advances by another cast member but we cant confirm as not word  on this story has been confirmed. Ashford had a nightmare experience and he has names Keeping Up With Real Holiday Pals Matuzvi reality show. Faith has announced that Mandla aka Baba Bonzo will be on the next cast. Hopefully before Mandla agrees he should talk to Ashford and get information on what he is signing up for. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available 



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