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10 Nov, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Mhofela Best & Sweetness Husband Mhofela Vakashinga

Ngoni Munetsiwa aka Mhofela deserves to be named best husband of all time. Mhofela is the brains and force behind Madam Boss.  The saying goes like this “ behind every successful man is a strong woman. “

In the case of Madam Boss the saying should be “behind every successful woman is a strong man. Mhofela has managed Madam Boss from day one. Mhofela is responsible for script writing, contract negotiations and daily running of Madam Boss’s affairs.

Mhofela has shown dedication “Kushinga Chaiko” for being married to the most recognized Zimbabwean female celebrity. Madam Boss is a very beautiful woman and like any celebrity with her talent and status there are stories which have gone around, makuhwa.

Stories like Madam Boss has cheated with other men to get to the top. The incident with Mai TT in which she made accusations of Madam Boss sleeping with married men and Businessmen while she was the lookout. Stories of affairs with church leaders. 

Even  the latest story that has trended on social media for over a week. The story  Passion Java has said he bought a car for Madam Boss. Stories like these can hurt most men’s pride and affect a relationship but not Mhofela he has stood by Madam Boss no matter what . 

On the story of Passion Java buying madam Boss a car Mhofela has denied that story and has been adamant that he is the one who bought Madam Boss his wife the car. 

Here is what  Ngoni Munetsiwa had to say about Passion Java buying his wife  a car

“I am the one who bought the car sometime last year and what’s circulating online is a lie, people are just fabricating stories.

“We will not make any statement refuting the malicious claims because it will be a waste of time, we have a lot of things to do which are better than making statements.

With social media you will get tired of making statements,” said Munetsiwa.

Over the years as Madam Boss has got more popular people have been saying  things like “Mhofela vanochengetwa nemukadzi saka he cants say anything Tyra akamusiya Mhofela vanotamba nhamo. With social media Madam Boss and Mhofela are aware of this noise but these two love birds just ignore and continue working hard and stay in love . 

People may assume Mhofela does nothing but he does a lot and is the force that pushes Madam Boss . For all the abuse Mhofela gets he truly is a husband every woman desires.

The loyalty and trust between Mhofela & Madam Boss are relationship goals many Zimbabweans should try to achieve. Madam Boss and Mhofela are in love and are a great couple we all love .


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