12 Nov, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Mhofela Must Up His Game

Mhofu must up his game”
Ngoni Munetsiwa who happens to be Madam Boss’s manager has been urged to up his game else he looses his wife.

The two celebrated their 6th anniversary early this year but, it seems like things are shaky between the couple after Mhofu denied that Passion Java bought Madam Boss a car.

After Mhofu claimed he had bought Madam Boss the Benz she posed with on pictures, Madam Boss took to her social media to make an official announcement that the controversial prophet had bought her the car.

People have lately been left with question marks as it seems like Mhofu seems to be failing to meet the demands of her wife.

“...Mhofu apa zvakurema mukadzi akuvaremera vanogona kuitwa twabam,”

The saga continues to unfold as people wait for the much anticipated breakdown of the showbiz couple. This story seems to be lingering and not getting away. Zimcelebs posted photos when Madam Boss visited Passion Java  comments section started asking why Mhofela did not accompany his wife wo meet the prophets.

People have speculated for years that its always hard for a relationship when the woman is the bread winner. 
"Comments like munhu wemurune anofanira kutungamirira imba yake, manje mukadzi kana ari ega anounzwa mari mumba mhofela vari pamanjati."
"Mhofela ndavatsvage basa kungozvipa position yekuti manager waMadam Boss kungoita mucheka dzafa"
Mhofela should of never denied the fact that Passion Java bought his wife a car he should of just embrassed the fact and this story would of been over with. 

Maybe the reason mhofela refused to admit Passion Java bought Madam Boss the car was  because he was ashamed of what people would think and say. One comment said "Now that the truth about the car Mhofela just needs to step up his game and not let other men perform his husbandly duties or mukadzi anoitwa twabam"


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