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26 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Missing Promoter Sipho Ncube Murdered In Ruwa With Stab Wounds Family & Friends Seek Justice

SYPHO went missing a fortnight ago and his body has reportedly been found in Ruwa with stab wounds.
Zimbabwean Events Coordinator and Socialite Sipho Million Mncube popularly known as Sypho was found dead after he had gone missing for more that a week.

Many people on social media alleged that he had been murdered by Munyaradzi Mawadze son of Justice Mawadze, senior Masvingo Highcourt Judge after a phone deal went wrong.

It is alleged that on the 12th of March Sypho engaged with Munyaradzi Mawadze to buy phones and after the transaction was done, Sypho’s phone became unreachable from then onwards.

After being confronted by Syphos Family and friends, Munyaradzi said that he had left Sypho in Waterfalls where they made the deal, as Sypho had some other things to do there.

After sometime since Sypho went missing, Munyaradzi allegedly received text messages from Sypho saying that he had been kidnapped and drugged in a dark place with five other people however he did not know the place.

Many people on twitter are allerging that it was Munyaradzi Mawadze who murdered Sypho and made up the chats to save himself


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