16 Jul, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Mnangagwa To Tighten Lockdown Restrictions In Move To Crash Coronavirus Or Protests

Mnangagwa To Tighten Lockdown Restrictions But Is The Move Meant To Thwart Coronavirus Or Protests? 

Mnangagwa is ready to put in place any needed measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 infections after the recent spike in local transmissions.

Until recently, almost all Zimbabweans found to be infected were returning citizens and residents infected outside the country with the infection discovered while they were in quarantine. But the recent daily double figure rise in confirmed cases has sent alarm bells tolling, prompting President Mnangagwa to make it clear that he will take measures to control infection rates.

Under new Government policy, special attention will be given to hotspots and clusters of infections to contain outbreaks quickly and early.

Speaking yesterday after receiving a new batch of donations to support the battle against Covid-19, President Mnangagwa said Africa was now under serious attack from Covid-19.

New figures last night showed the extent of the growing case-load. The total of confirmed Zimbabwean Covid-19 infections reached 1 089 yesterday, with 346 being local infections and the rest among returnees, after 25 new cases were detected, three among returnees but 22 local infections, all in Harare.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care said while one of the new local infections was a contact of a known patient, investigations were still in progress to identify the source of the other 21.

Zimbabwe has 395 confirmed recoveries and 20 deaths.

South Africa now has 4 346 deaths from just under 300 000 confirmed cases, but the daily rate of infection is finally falling.

President Mnangagwa said the virus, which negatively affected developed nations that have first class health systems, appeared as though it was not a huge threat to Africa in the early days but was now affecting the continent, though differently, a move that has driven him to consider imposing further restrictions and measures to reduce the pandemic’s spread.

“With the surge in the Covid-19 cases, I am likely to impose further restrictions and measures. We think that we are not yet out of the woods. Those who do projections say to us that this is just the beginning. We are yet to see the worst.

“I appeal to our people not to be complacent. We should continue where possible to contribute towards fighting and mitigating against this

“Initially, I declared a national lockdown because I felt as President that we are on a weak platform to deal with pandemic and when I felt that the machinery had begun to work to capacitate our systems, I relaxed some of the measures recommended by the World Health Organisation, but now with the surge that is coming around, I am likely to impose further restrictions and measures,” he said


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