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Moto Mubrugwa Andy Muridzo Has A News Girlfriend

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20 Mar, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Moto Mubrugwa Andy Muridzo Has A News Girlfriend

She’s 4 months pregnant US$4 000 lobola by April
CONTROVERSIAL musician Andy Muridzo has yet another lover in his life, and she is pregnant! Both the musician and his manager confirmed the development, promising to traditionally marry the beauty next month.

H-Metro’ s caught Muridzo with the new woman, Tasha Green, in a romantic moment in a car hours before his show at Muchakata Night Club in Kuwadzana 5.
“Ndiye murora wenyu uyu (Zimbabwe), here is your daughter in law, she is called Tasha Green, she is coloured and does not speak Shona,” confessed Muridzo.

The dreadlocked musician however desputed claims that his lover is behind his trip to UK.
“No, I am being invited to UK by the promoters, this tour is not for shows, it is just a Meet And Greet, Barbeque chi-chi-chi- de-de-de-de, and listen, to all those willing to do their own controversies they must now know that, ‘the yellow born na my own, this yellow born na ma wife now, she is mine this yellow born’” he said before kissing her.
His manager Onismos confirmed the latest development,

“Yes it is true that Andy Muridzo now has a girl of his age for marriage whom we are going to marry sometime around April 2020. Muridzo, after his affair with Nyari, said to us he was now settling down for a serious relationship with a girl of his age, who tolerates his profession’s ups and downs because music is like a cruising ship, waves visits it often, but it gets steady with time,” he said. “Muridzo never slept with any girl after leaving Nyarai, but we do not talk, we do not comment on all flies that pass our tables. Often, we just look at these funny social media posts and proceed musically.
“After his affair with Nyarai, who is now a closed childish chapter, that was when he met and settled with Miss Green. 

Ndiye mukadzi wedu wezera redu uyu.
“To show that Muridzo’s promise to get married to Green was true, Nyarai is about four months pregnant now, we have so far limited him to move around with his fiancé.


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