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Mr Styllz Signs The First Ever Zimbabwean Sneaker Endorsement Deal With South African Brand  R3V3RSE

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20 Jun, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Mr Styllz Signs The First Ever Zimbabwean Sneaker Endorsement Deal With South African Brand R3V3RSE

Music & Entertainment promoter  Prince Mudzingwa know on social media as MrStyllz has signed an endorsement deal with R3V3RSE a shoe brand based in South Africa. Mrstyllz becomes the first Zimbabwean to ever sign a shoe deal.  This shoe deal puts Mrstyllz in the same boat as professionals athletes like Lebron James who is signed with Nike & Steph Curry who is signed with Under Armour.

Mrstyllz has been in Zimbabwe for the last 4 months during his stay he has made major moves such as signing Enzo Ishall to his music label together with his business partner Teemak. Mrstyllz also opened a dating app called styllzdating the app is available on google play and apple store. 

Mrstyllz & his partner Teemak have also been working on a reality show named  OneHouseZim which will be similar to Big Brother. The show has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic but will be ready when the Covid-19 pandemic is over.


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Enzo Ishall co-manger Mr Styllz launches dating mobile app: Pics. These guys are always making headlines be it god or bad news that just make sure they don’t spend a week without trending or making it to the headlines. The millionaire made headlines jus a few weeks ago with  a story below…

The drama on social media is not stopping anytime soon. The Scandals keep on coming and we are here to give you all the gossip, scandals and dramas that they are doing.

The Enzo Ishall management that is TeeMak and his counterpart Mr Styllz are believed to have hosted a challenge online for the best twerker dancer on Enzo Ishall’s new song Waibata. Dancer @_p_each_m_amii won the challenge and was promised to be paid R15k. Which after the show she did not receive, up until now.

Now he is back and this time its all good news. The music promoter/socialite has launched a new Zimbabwean dating app. The app is available for Android at the moment and it will be on apple store any time next week.


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