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04 Apr, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Mudiwa Hood’s Wife Seeks Divorce Exposes His Adulterous Affair Anoswera PaPhone

It seems that there is trouble in paradise for local gospel hip hop artist and social media personality Mudiwa Hood Senior after his wife dropped a bombshell that she was now seeking a divorce. Mudiwa’s wife, Angelica Colchèita-Hood who got married to the musician less than two years ago took to social media to make stunning allegations of adultery by the musician.

She did not disclose the name of the woman who has been allegedly cheating with Mudiwa but revealed that it was someone who followed her on social media. Angelica’s Instagram account is set to private, so she can only be followed by people she would have personally approved.


Angelica also apologised to people who viewed them as the “perfect couple” saying that they were actually far from being the role model for other couples. Angelica went on to say that they had very different tastes and seemed to imply that Mudiwa was neglecting her because he is always “on his phone 24/7”. Just last year, Mudiwa Hood announced that he had blessed his wife Angelica with a brand new BMW 323i MSport to thank her for carrying and giving birth to his son, Mudiwa Hood Junior.


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