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Mudiwa Responds To Vavengi Ndiri The Best Hip Hop Artist Of All Time In Zim

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11 Dec, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Mudiwa Responds To Vavengi Ndiri The Best Hip Hop Artist Of All Time In Zim


May i kindly rephrase all my statements, actually i have added new ones...!!

I am the least decorated Hip Hop Artist with 0 awards.
I am not the only artist in Zim to win Business Personality of the year, competing with CEOs, at Mega FEST awards...ofcourse every artist won that.
I am very ugly
I am the least succesful rapper in Hip Hop
I have zero sense of fashion, never won any fashion award.
I have never had my song number 1 on any gospel show. Although Ndaita Mari went over 63 weeks on number 1 on Gospel Show at PowerFM, it is not my song.
In 2015 i did not win Best Collaboration with Nox...Shinga, From a UK awards board.
I did not graduate best student with a 1st class on Masters, not it is not me, and i am not a PhD candidate. 
I do not own any property or a car, not i am jus me.
I have never been played on Mtv Base, or Trace, they never rated any of my songs as a hit...no...
I was never signed by a Bank, one of the biggest deals between a Bank and a Musician in Zim.
I have no ophans or any students i am helping no...i am very selfish.
Chiyangwa never bought my CD for a stand, no why, i cant sing!
I have had jingles (Kwenga and Sosholoza, even Ndaita Mari)...awarded best jingles in Zim, in different years, but no i did not produce them or sang them they arent mine, i am not so commercial, i dont know how to monetize my brand.
Lastly i am not a Christian no, i am jus a guy who is trying to sing Christ...

ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!! Now stop saying he is proud bla bla bla, he calls himself...i have said it loud and clear...handisi Chinhu...

Even if i tell all these lies... Pictures you are seeing there are real evidence...telling you completely, a whole different story...God is Good ALL THE TIME, TOO BAD HE FORGOT TO INFORM YOU AND CONSULT YOU WHEN HE DECIDED TO LIFT ME UP!!!
I am a child of God, i am heavenly protected, and defended hating on me is a waste of time!!!

ANYWAY--- WHILE WE HERE guys please VOTE for MUDIWA for Peoples Choice Award at the ZimHipHop Awards on the link Below NOW



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