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04 Sep, 2018 | Posted By: staff reporter
Mukoma Masimba Blasts Mudiwa Hood (Go Deeper)

Mukoma Masimba told Zimbabweans that he was leaving facebook and not making lives. Guess what this lasted  2 days as he had his prodigy Mudyiwa making lives non stop. Out of nowhere  Mukoma Masimba has come out attacking one of the most positive and most successful young musicial and enterprenuer  Mudiwa Hood.

Mudiwa Hood & Stunner are actually good friends and have a mutual respsect between each other. Mukoma Masimba again is getting in a situation he has no knowlege or right to comment on.

Mukoma Masimba in the live he made attacking Mudiwa Hood questions Mudiwa Hoods. Mukoma Masimba tries to teach Mudiwa Hood about Street Cred and chimusha.


-Anger Issues

Like every Zimbabwean Mudiwa Hood is entitled to his privacy and does not need to explain his personal infomation to make Mukoma Masimba or anyone happy.


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