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25 Sep, 2018 | Posted By: staff reporter
Mukoma Masimba Challenges Tatelicious About $250 Refund

Mukoma Masimba has been hounding Tatelicious over her business of helping Zimbabweans move to Sweden. Tatelicious has been offering her service for over a year. She has managed to help quite a number of people move to Sweden. From what Tatelicious has told her clients, she does not guarantee Visas she will help people with all the paperwork and it is up to the individuals she is helping to provide all the paperwork asked and fees.

Mukoma Masimba being the Mr. know it all has called Tatelicious a scammer, liar and fraudster. Mukoma Masimba has gone as far as recruiting individuals Tatelicious is helping in an effort to tarnish Tatelicious's name. Mukoma Masimba has now partnered with Individuals in Dubai offering the same services Tatelicious has been offering in an effort to put her out of business.

Watch the video below of how Mad Dog Mukoma Masimba keeps attacking Tatelicious



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