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Celeb News

08 Nov, 2018 | Posted By: staff reporter
Mukoma Masimba Joins Tatelicious After MvengeMvenge Ban

Mukoma Masimba was banned from MvengeMvenge after he called out Brain Derick Nyamushamba a Mvengemvenge Admin for using a $15 charity donation for personal use. 

Makoma Masimba has now joined Team Tatelicious After talking to Tatelicious for over 1 hour. In order to be accepted into Team Tatelicious Mukoma Masimba had to pledge that Queen Tatelicious was the Queen of Entertainment and to agree that Melly Momoyo founder of MvengeMvenge was ugly. Mukoma Masimba agreed to these terms and is now a team Tatelicious member. 

Everyone is patiently waiting for Mukoma Masimbas live where he is expected to Go Deeper on MvengeMvenge Admins And Group. When Zimbolivenews contacted Mukoma Masimba he told us Watch this space


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