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26 Sep, 2018 | Posted By: staff reporter
Mukoma Masimba Makes Fun Of Aunt Jenny & Tatelicious

Mukoma Masimba is at it again, This time he does not attack one individual but he attackes two ladies who are very popular in the Zimbabwean Social Media Communities. Most  Zimbabweans have come to know Mukoma Masimba as someone who will do anything to stay popular.

Mukoma Masimba is someone suffering from hangover  from the days he was a titan in the social media circles when he was made admin on Kedha TV. Over the last few year Mukoma Masimba has being trying to reach that level of fame but all his attempts have failed.

His latest Methods to reach fame has been to pick fights with the most popular people in the Zimbabwean Social media circles. The list is long of Celebrities he had tried to pick a fight with. Olinda Chapel, Mandla Clavin Gumbo, Tatelicious, Tariro Shumba, Aunty Jenny & Uncle Ged. 

What this video and see how Masimba Maddog makes fun of Aunty Jenny & Tatelicious


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