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26 Feb, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Murandakadzi Mai TT I Am Going To UK Lorraine Sara Neka Birthday Kako Ke Two BhoBho

Unconquerable Mai TT and her Fiancee Zizoe are headed to the UK a tour that could last for as long ad a few months. The business woman and celebrity had a parting message for Lorraine Guyo. "Isu takuenda ku UK iwe sara neka birthday Kako ke two bhobho. Mai TT has decided not to kurova Lorraine because Lorraine does not have money and it may prevent her from going to the UK.

Mai TT told her fans it was not worth her time to fight with Lorraine as she is not on her level nor has the talent Mai TT has. "Lorraine arikuda kukwira using zita rangu. Mai TT also mentioned that Lorraine is being influenced by jelous people who never helped her when she was homeless and spending nights at peoples houses.

Mai TT also tells Lorraine to be smart and heard in the right direction and stop trying to use her looks and body for success. Mai TT also thanks Thomas Chizhanje for helping Lorraine get a one room house for her to rent. "Lorraine is 22yrs but akararwa ne 15 to 18 mpolimpompo stonyeni rake is older that makore ake 18" said Mai TT.

Mai TT also accuses Lorraine of getting kicked out of her one room house after she was caught sleeping with her friends husband. Lorraine haana basa her birthday pary is nothing mine wasattended by 3000 people.

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Lorraine Guyo caught in the middle of Madam Boss & Mai TT beef. Lorraine Guyo is very close to Madam Boss who is Mai TT's Arch nemesis (mai tt and madam boss vakavengana zvisingaite). Mai TT & Madam Boss are like Water and Oil they dont mix. Word on the social media streets are reporting that Madam Boss has input into the skit that Lorraine Guyo did making fun of Mai TT and her ben 10 Zizoe, but there is no V11 she was mocking Mai TT & Zizoe.

Mai TT got wind that Madam Boss had influence in the video but since she did not have V11'S she could not mention Madam Bosses name. So she let Lorraine Guyo have it by calling her every name in the book. " wakasvotora mimba , unohura nemadhara, unogara muka one room, thomas akakupedza, unokwirirwa 20 US DORAZ. Lorraine was attacked with so much fury and hate that one can only wonder why. 

Many Kazens know that Lorraine Guyo is a sweet girl who is as soft as wool. When she did that skit she had intention to make Mai TT mad. Mai TT is someone Lorraine has looked up to and Mai TT stood up for Lorraine during the Thomas Chizhanje saga. Lorraine is still young and growing her Brand and would not attack someone like Mai TT.

The truth is that Mai TT was aware that Madam Boss had input in the skit and that fact alone made Mai TT so furious because  she does not like Madam Boss. Madam Boss has and is always Mai TT main target Lorraine ingodziya moto wembavha because she is so close to Madam Boss who is her enemy.



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