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Music Promoter Mahwindo Tells Mambo Dhuterere Chihure Hachisekanwe  Mangwana Muchahurawooo

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07 Jan, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Music Promoter Mahwindo Tells Mambo Dhuterere Chihure Hachisekanwe Mangwana Muchahurawooo

Socialite and founder of the Mahwindo foundation has blasted upcoming gospel artiste Mambo Dhuterere.

Mahwindo told Dhuterere to stick to his profession or rather he join them.
“Tirege tihure haungatiudzire iwe, kana uchida join us there is still time,” posted Mahwindo.

"munhu kutongoshedzwa kwa winky ku album launch kuzoita curtain raiser wakutotsura vanhu chihure chavo" posted mahwindo

Social media has been divided after Mahwindo reacted and it seems like she opened doors for many to go after Dhuterere. “Munhu kungodedzwa kuita curtain raiser kwaWinky D wakutotsiura vanhu chihure” posted one of the disgruntled followers of Dhuterere.

Basically what mahwindo is telling Mambo Dhuterere is to listed to the song made popular by Evidence from Team Chihera & Zuva Habane and he will understand about life and chihure the lyrics of the song are below.

"Chihure hachisekanweee 
Mangwana muchahurawooo
Basa tagara narooo 
Zvinotanga wakadhakwaaa"

Another Music producer  Lazzie T Chapo posted a video where he also critisized Dhuterere for trying to tell people what to do when he has been in the music business for just 10 seconds "Outspoken music producer, Lazarus Chapo also known as Lazzie T in entertainment circles has a response to the message which Mambo Dhuterere posted. Lazzie T  posted a video in which he asks Mambo Dhuterere his age and that he has only been in the music industry for 10 seconds to wait preaching about mababy.

Lazzie T goes on to explain that  life in the music industy is very different from singing in the church choir. Lazzie tells Mambo Dhuterere that he will run into some very beautiful and tempting women known as slay queens at his shows. "Its a good thing to bring your wife to your shows but life remumabhawa is tough. Lazzie T Chapo tells Mambo that he is still young and does not really understand life if he is under 40 years old. Like the old saying goes life begins at 40. Mambo Dhuterere is still a young man so should hold off his message until he has lived a little.

Zim Hip Hop super star Stunner Da Des also posted on his Facebook blasting Mambo Dhuterere Stunner posted the following message " Mamwe matopic haana mutsvene amana. Tikazokumbira internet iburitse ma secret enyu hamupadzoke pano. #JustSaying"

Mambo Dhuterere is a very talented upcoming musician and maybe stiring the pot in the Zimbabwean music Industy. For year musicians have been know kudanana nevasikana and kudhakwa with Mambo Dhuterere coming out and saying this is wrong many musicians and artists who do such practices are worries and nervous they maybe exposed. Mambo Dhuterere is spreading the truth and the right thing to do. Keep it up Dhuterere


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