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22 Jul, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Musician EXQ Pleads With Fans To Support His Music

Top Zimbabweans musician EXQ is pleading to his fans for support for his new Music video on YouTube . With the Covid-19  pandemic musicians are not having shows which is their main source of income. EXQ posted the following.

My Apologies Zimbabwe 
Few days ago I was so excited to release our new  video 'WAKATEMBA ' becoz the Audio yanga yaita 1 million views on YouTube without a video but now that the video is OUT there the excitement is gone ,l  feel really SAD.Things are not well COVID 19 is taking lives almost everyday ,NZARA yatikwadza no SHOWS/Deng BASA CORRUPTION ikukwadza nekuside it's now a dog eat dog world. #weneedhealing.


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