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12 Dec, 2018 | Posted By: staff reporter
Mvengemvenge Power Struggle Meridhongo Faction & Team Let’s Confuse Them Faction

Zimbolivenews has uncovered a plot to outser MvengeMvenge Leader and founder Melly Mamoyo  by a faction named Team Lets Confuse Them. From the infomation provided to us by an admin of Mvengemvenge whose identity we will keep secret. There is in fighting in the admin ranks of Mvengemvenge with the old guard lead by Melly and Loveness, Meridhongo Faction. MvengeMvenge admins feel Loveness and Melly have become so close and its lead to them feeling undermined.

Let’s Confuse Them  Faction wants change in Mvengemvenge but Team Meridhongo wants to keep Mvengemvenge the same under their control. Lets Confuse Them Faction is angry that Melly has been taking all the credit for Mvengemvenges success and that she is now getting paid  by sponsers. Let Confuse Them factions wants a share of the money Team Meridhongo has been getting,

From what we have been told the Team Lets Confuse Them Faction plans to overload Mvengemvenge  with Lets Confuse Them posts  to where no other posts can be seen until change is made. The annymous admin told us that if you look at Mvengemvenge posts over the last week over 00 are lets confuse them posts over the last 5 days. We counted and stopped at 269

We tried to gather infomation on who is behind the Lets Confuse Them Faction but to no avail. We will keep tracking this story for new developments. Zimbolivenews hopes MvengeMvenge admins can work things out. 


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